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California’s Fresh Fig Season starts in mid-May and continues through mid-December. With California’s excellent climate and exquisite soil for fig production you can see why California Figs are a fantastic fruit. Mainly, four varieties of Fresh Figs are produced in California. They are Brown Turkey, Black Mission, Kadota and Calimyrna.

Fresh Brown Turkey Figs are available mid-May through December.
They are a light purple to black skinned fig with pink flesh and a robust flavor.

Fresh Black Mission Figs are available mid-May through November.
They are a purple to black skinned fig with pink flesh and an intense earthy flavor.

Fresh Kadota Figs are available June to October.
They have a creamy amber color when ripe with a light delicate flavor.

Fresh Calimyrna Figs are available July through September.
They are large pale yellow skinned figs with a nutty, sweet flavor.

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