Delicious California Figs Shine Brightly No Matter the Season Waldorf Salad with California Figs  |  Recipe
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California’s Fresh Fig Season starts in mid-May and continues through mid-December. With California’s excellent climate and exquisite soil for fig production you can see why California Figs are a fantastic fruit. Mainly, four varieties of Fresh Figs are produced in California. They are Brown Turkey, Black Mission, Kadota and Calimyrna.

Fresh Brown Turkey Figs are available mid-May through December.
They are a light purple to black skinned fig with pink flesh and a robust flavor.

Fresh Black Mission Figs are available mid-May through November.
They are a purple to black skinned fig with pink flesh and an intense earthy flavor.

Fresh Kadota Figs are available June to October.
They have a creamy amber color when ripe with a light delicate flavor.

Fresh Calimyrna Figs are available July through September.
They are large pale yellow skinned figs with a nutty, sweet flavor.

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In acient Greece Figs were regarded with such esteem that laws were created forbidding the export of the best quality figs. Sycophant then derives from the Greek word meaning one who informs against another for exporting figs or for stealing the fruit of the sacred fig trees. Hence, the word came to mean a person who tries to win favor with flattery.