Choose California

Why California?

California has the perfect climate for growing figs. Our farmers are passionate and take the utmost care in growing and harvesting the most sustainable, delicious fruit. We think that’s worth celebrating.

History of CA Figs

The name “Mission” was given to those first dark purple figs that were introduced to the New World by Spanish and Portuguese missionaries and spread from San Diego up the coast to Santa Clara, Ventura, and Sonoma in the 1790s. Today, 100 percent of the dried figs and 98 percent of the fresh figs grown commercially in the U.S. are from California. Over 100 producers, marketers, farm managers, and processors of California Figs farm 9,300 acres, mostly in and around the cities of Madera, Fresno, and Merced. This area is rich with full sunlight, warm temperatures, and well-draining soil; everything figs need to thrive, producing the sweetest, plumpest fruit imaginable.

Growing Practices

California Fig growers work hard tending to the trees, harvesting the fruits, and drying figs. But fig production is a year-round process that requires soil preparation, irrigation monitoring, and pruning. It’s especially important to California Fig growers, packers, and suppliers to find innovative ways to reduce the carbon footprint of producing California Figs. The figs are a beautiful, natural and unique fruit; all involved in their production are committed to caring for the ecosystem and are focused on sustainability and conservation of the land, water, and soil while providing the best quality product.