From our industry members to a celebrity food and fitness coach, you’ll find all the stories and background from our biggest fig fans here.

Valerie Waters

Celebrity Food and Fitness Coach
Red Carpet Ready®
Santa Monica, Calif.

According to celebrity food and fitness trainer Valerie Waters, California Figs FIT in a healthy and active lifestyle! No wonder: figs are full of fiber, potassium, calcium and antioxidants so they can power you through your day or your workout. Waters also loves that they are fat, sodium and cholesterol free making them ideal for snacking or throwing them into your favorite recipes.

Robert Del Grande

James Beard Award-Winning Chef
Houston, Tex.

A native of California, Chef Robert Del Grande has always had a passion for California Figs. California Figs FIT Chef Del Grande’s cooking philosophy: flavorful, high-quality ingredients in their purest form can really elevate a recipe. From a fig sofrito to fig bbq sauce, Chef Del Grande has a lot of fun with figs and we’ve got a ton of his recipes for you to enjoy as well.