Canadians love figs! More than 50% of the California Fresh Fig crop is exported to Canada. Canadians also love getting their fig fix year-round with California Dried Figs. If you’re a retailer, consumer or product developer, you’ll find everything you need to know about California Figs and Canada here.

Why California?

California has the perfect climate for growing figs, and we have the highest food safety and quality standards in the world. Our farmers are passionate and take the utmost care in growing and harvesting the most sustainable, delicious fruit.

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Shelf Stable

California Figs are very hygroscopic. When processed, dried figs retain moisture helping to extend product freshness and moistness.


California Figs add texture and a pleasing mouthfeel to products. A wide variety of textures are available.


California Figs are a flavor carrier and enhancer. When adding to savory ingredients, flavors are fuller with richer depth and perfect balance.

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