Where to Buy

Fresh Figs

Herman Produce Sales

2985 Airport Dr.
Madera, CA 93637

Phone: 559-661-8253
Email: EHerman@speccrop.com
Website: hermanproducesales.com

Varieties Availability
Mission Late May through late November
Sierra Late May through November
Brown Turkey Late June through Early January
Tiger July through October

J&R Orchards

26393 Road 22 ½
Chowchilla, CA 93610

Phone: 559-665-1712
Fax: 559-665-7059
E-mail: fignut84@yahoo.com

Varieties Availability
Brown Turkey July through September
Mission Mid June through early July; Mid July through Mid October
Kadota Mid August through mid October

J. Marchini Farms

8736 S Minturn Road
Le Grand, CA 95333

Phone: 559-665-9710
E-mail: sales@jmarchinifarms.com
Website: jmarchinifarms.com

Varieties Availability
Brown Turkey July through November
Mission June through November
Kadota July through October

Stellar Distributing

21801 Ave 16 #101
Madera, CA 93637

Phone: 559-664-8400
Fax: 559-664-8181
Website: cataniaworldwide.com

Varieties Availability
Mission Late May through late November
Sierra Late May through November
Brown Turkey Late June through Early January
Calimyrna Early July through September
Kadota Early July through September
Tiger July through October

Western Fresh Marketing

6710 N West Avenue, Suite 108
Fresno, CA 93711

Phone: 559-662-0301
Fax: 559-662-0306
Website: westernfreshmarketing.com

Varieties Availability
Mission May through December
Kadota May through December
Brown Turkey May through December
Sierra May through December

Dried Figs

Fig Garden Packing, Inc.

5545 W. Dakota Ave.
Fresno CA 93722

Phone: 559-271-9000
Fax: 559-271-1332
Email: mike@figgardenpacking.com

Whole Figs, Diced Figs and Fig Cubes in a wide variety of packing styles. Our Industrial Product Line includes: Whole Figs in Bulk Packaging, Custom Blended Fig Paste (with and without seeds), Diced Figs and Fig Cubes. Mail order by phone or fax.

National Raisin Company

Jane Asmar, Vice President Sales
PO Box 219 (Mailing)
626 South Fifth Street (Physical)
Fowler, Cailfornia 93625 USA

Phone: 559-834-5981, ext. 115
Fax: 559-834-1055
Email: jasmar@nationalraisin.com
Website: nationalraisin.com

Since being founded in 1969, National Raisin Company has made its mark as the largest independent grower, processor, and packer of dried fruits in the United States. Vertically integrated in raisins, prunes, figs, and dates – National Raisin serves a variety of customers within the retail, private label, industrial, and foodservice sectors, providing both conventional and organic products.

San Joaquin Figs, Inc.

3564 N Hazel Ave
Fresno, CA 93722

Phone: 559-224-4963
Fax: 559-224-4926
Email: orderdesk@nutrafig.com
Website: nutrafig.com

A family owned and operated company that farms and processes dried figs under the Nutra-Fig brand. Organic, natural and conventional dried figs are available in retail, bulk and industrial applications. Industrial products available include fig paste, seedless fig paste, diced figs, sliced figs, fig powder and fig concentrate. Private label and custom packing services available.

Valley Fig Growers

2028 S. Third Street
Fresno, CA 93702

Ingredient Sales

Phone: 559-237-3893 ext. 105
Fax: 559-237-3898

Retail Sales

Phone: 415-816-1886
Fax: 925-463-7456
Email: lcain@valleyfig.com
Website: valleyfig.com

Valley Fig Growers is California’s largest full line supplier of all varieties and types of California Dried Figs. Figs are packed under the Blue Ribbon Orchard Choice®, Blue Ribbon®, Orchard Choice® and Sun-Maid® labels. Retail packs include:bags, cups, and trays. Ingredient bulk fig products include: whole, sliced/diced, paste (seeded and deseeded), soft paste, textured fig pastes, fig nuggets (plain, colored and flavored), and concentrate. Custom fig products, custom processing, private label, and co-packing available. Kosher and certified organic product available.